About us

The Macedonian Golf Federation was founded in 2011.  Since its founding, Macedonian golf players have been competing to a number of international tournaments.  Golfing is a fairly new sport in Macedonia therefore the goal of the Federation is to promote it and develop world class players.
The Federation has begun implementing golf education projects, the goal is to find new and young students to educate them about the sport and learn how to play.  Investing in education and sports is crucial a successful development of the upcoming generations. 
The Macedonian Golf Federation was founded by Laze “Les” Percevski.  As a young boy he moved to Australia where he started playing golf.  Today Les lives in San Francisco and is the first Macedonian professional golf player.  Because of his passion for golf, Les lives part time in Macedonia helping to develop golf in Macedonia.
Today, the Macedonian Golf Federation is an active member of the European Golf Association based in Switzerland.